Eight lifelike, life-size terra cotta pigs, each representing a different native pig breed in China, have settled along the Greenway. Guided by a map, I found each one, informatively labeled, between the North End and Chinatown. I hope to keep visiting them as seasons change their surroundings and their interactions with people.   “The year […]

Rendering of “The Embrace” designed by Hank Willis Thomas with MASS Design Group. | Courtesy King Boston The following review of the past week or so presents a snapshot of the latest news in African American art and related black culture: Hank Willis Thomas Selected to Design King Memorial in Boston “The Embrace,”… Latest News in […]

In recent years I had walked among these two monumental bronze sculptures in Harriet Tubman Square Park without appreciating how and when they had come together. Now I can offer valuable links for their significant stories that should be savored by you, instead of summarized by me.

Here are images from my visits to IMAGINE’s recently completed mural in Cambridge and a few quotes from sources that describe her art. I hope that these will lead you to sites with fascinating scenes and stories that engage you in her process, purpose and perspective!

My January journey to this temporary art, up since mid-December, inspired me to track down information, stories, and colorful images that are best enjoyed on Eileen de Rosas’ website under Public Art.

Where To See Female Street Artists In The Boston Area. The street art and graffiti scene here in Boston has historically been male dominated. But as public art becomes more widespread, organizations are working hard to highlight female artists. Al Wilson, founder and executive director of the Beyond Walls festival in Lynn tells Exhale, “Because […]

This is my temporary post, mainly to let people in the Boston area know that Steve Locke’s temporary art will be gone from the Gardner’s front facade after January 21, 2019. If you can pause in its presence before entering the museum and again after leaving, you can sense its strength as a memorial. Yet if you miss that opportunity, you can still connect the stories of how the memorial for Freddie Gray came to be.