Art on Bikeway in Arlington Endures in January Snow

Temporary Art Takes in the Expected Effects of Time and Weather

After posting about two temporary art installations, “Ripple” and “Current,” in early autumn, I planned to revisit them at least once each month to see how they would survive seasonal changes. I did not know then how compelling both would prove to be, far beyond just curiosity. Maybe I can offer broader perspective in the spring, but meanwhile here are a few photos, including some from the first relatively warm day after a major snowstorm marked the new year.

“Ripple” (Adria Arch with Arlington Knitting Brigade)  January 10, 2018

Temporary Art Viewed Over Time

“Current” by Frank Vasello, October, November, and January 
“Ripple” by Adria Arch and the Arlington Knitting Brigade, October, November, and January

Background about “Ripple” and “Current” from October 2017 with links to many resources about the artists and Arlington public art:



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  1. Ripple is really lovely in the snow! Thanks for sharing with us.

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