Women Artists Represented on Public Art Walk Boston

During Women’s History Month March 2017, my stated goal to post about every woman artist with work on the Public Art Walk was based on a rough estimate. Since then I have reviewed Public Art Walk Boston more thoroughly and derived a listing to organize myself.  I share this now as a reference for anyone who would like to focus on women artists at a faster pace or in a different way from what I do on Art Outdoors. Corrections and comments always welcome! The listing is a supplement to the valuable links below for the walk that includes Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Financial District, and the North End. 

Twenty-two Women Artists represented among the 100 sites on Public Art Walk Boston:

Anne Whitney: Leif Eriksson (1),  Samuel Adams (85)*

Ivette Compagnion:  Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (3)

Meredith Bergmann: Boston Women’s Memorial (5)

Deborah Butterfield: Henry and Paint (10)*

Nancy Schön:  The Tortoise and the Hare (14),* Make Way for Ducklings (42)

Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson:  Patrick Andrew Collins (16) [with Henry Hudson Kitson] Tadeusz Kosciuszko (34)*  

Mary E. Moore: Small Child Fountain (28)

Bashka Paeff: Boy and Bird Fountain (30)  

Lilian Saarinen: Bagheera Fountain (38)

Anna Coleman Ladd: Triton Babies Fountain (41)

Lilli Ann Killen Rosenberg: Mosaics in Tadpole Playground(47),  City Carpet (72)*  

Isabel McIlvain: John F. Kennedy (56)

Emma Stebbins: Horace Mann (58)

Sylvia Shaw Judson: Mary Dyer (60)

Judy Kensley McKie and Catherine Melina: Garden of Peace: A Memorial to Victims of Homicide (65)

Denise Kupferschmidt: Wall Drawing #1128: Vertical and Diagonal Broken Bands of Color by Sol LeWitt (60)* [with John Hogan, Sebastien Leclercq, Hidemi Nomura, Joakim Schmidt, Brandon Sullivan]

Kate Burke: Boston Bricks (77)* [with Gregg Lefevre]

Clara Wainwright and Sydney Roberts Rockefeller: Creature Pond (81) *[with Lowry Burgess, Donald Burgy, John Cataldo, Carlos Dorrien, Robert Guillemin, David Phillips, William H. Wainwright]

Beverly Pepper: Sudden Presence (98)

Mags Harries: Asaroton (99)

* not yet posted on Art Outdoors but should be by Feb. 2018. I plan to update this page after each post. 
(__) indicates number on Public Art Walk  Boston Map and order of descriptive summary 

Public Art Walk Boston

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Public Art Walk

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